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Fixed Gear Modify list

November 15th, 2008

We all love modifying our fixed gear bikes, but what are the possible modifications? I thought randomly I would make a list just so as I can almost check them off myself over the coming bikes :)

  • Strip a track bike down
  • Add new Wheels or Tyres
  • Other part swapping (New seat, handlebars, stems)
  • Custom paint job
  • brake removal (not advised)
  • Custom cut tyres
  • Stickers
  • Miss-sized wheels (seen this is classic)
  • Custom Handlebars
  • Custom Frame
  • Build own bike Stem
  • Loose Grams (final steps such as cutting center out of seat, carbon fibre..)
  • Carbon fibre frames
  • Any more? Ideas post comments please!
  • Of course then its shaving grams off yourself and your clothes:

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