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Seriously hot bikes

November 8th, 2008

Seriously hot bikes (I call it all bike porn) are everywhere, everywhere except in my bike garage where they should be – but seriously there are some seriously pretty fixed gear bikes out there – if you have one I want to see it – send me a picture, catch me in the city, let me take a pic and itll make it up here!

If you have bike porn like this hot bike porn, send it to me – because stunning bikes not shared are not stunning – let us all love them!

I never used to see bikes as pornography, when I was a kid I did like track bikes, always watched it on the tv, olympic cycling etc – but now I literally see an amazing fixie and I just want to ride and glide.My current favourite fixed gear phase is the twin colour picking – preferably with different colour front and back wheels/tyres – theres somin different about them I just like – duo-tone fixed gears.

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  1. schwing Says:

    Not q0rn, rather, 0rqy.

  2. admin Says:


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