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Fixed Gear bike wallpaper’s

January 24th, 2009

I have had a fixed gear bike as my pc wallpaper for the last year or so, I have gone between a few different bikes but I thought I would see if I can find any decent nice wallpapers of fixed gear bikes about the interwebz. The first one I found was this: a lovely example of a fixed gear, in nice high res which is perfect for my big lcd’s.


Download this Fixed Gear Bike Wallpaper

There is of course then our wonderful fixed gear wallpaper, featuring the elusive exploding fixed gear:

fixed-gear-bikes 1280 wallpaper

Download fixed gear biking explosion wallpaper – If you want this one in other resolutions comment here!

Likewise if you have any epic wallpapers/high res fixie shots to share let me know and I will add em.

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