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Fixed Gear Riding Safety

April 27th, 2009

Often the last thing we think about as we build a nice new fixed gear bike ready to take out around town, safety is important, especially as often we are riding as lightly as possible to allow us to get from A to B in a swift manor. The following video made for a course shows just one persons thoughts on fixed gear biking safety. Basically you should have a bike helmet no?

Note also the comments on this video – some are hilarious:
“you forgot some other good methods of stopping like ghost riding, and jamming a stick in your spokes. also i saw no instructions for how to make sure your fixie is spotted in front coffee shops, or to make sure to wear a condom while banging skeezy hipster chicks.” and “good video. 5/5 . thanks for showing how to get on the bike with 1 leg swinging over! ive been lookin for that forever” – sarcasm killed the cat, lol

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