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National Cycle Week – Were you Fixed Gear biking?

July 6th, 2009

National Cycle week – pshhh what about national fixie week? I swear someone needs to get that going, even though I saw a lot of fixed gear bikes about during the week, it was pretty much a clean normal week for me – rode my bike about as normal. Its good to get people on their bikes, but if they can do it for one week why doesnt everyone ride bikes all year? Especially if they found fixie love!


A telegraph ( reporter said about the national bike week “Having spent my first biking weeks in a construction worker’s fluoro-yellow gilet – beyond ugly – I quickly graduated to a Prada Sport yellow zip anorak. I can now be assured that at my next black-tie event, I can arrive in my Puma green satin trainers (heels and clutch in basket), Sophia Kokosalaki stretch LBD, bright orange MAC lipstick and a TWOnFRO tuxedo.” – I think Harriet Quick (What an awesome fixed gear biker name!) gets the idea ;)

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