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How to Skid Fixed Gear

September 15th, 2009

Do you know how to skid a fixed gear bike? no? why not? what are you doing here? Anyway…Fixed gear biking comes to your rescue – all you new to fixed gear bike people that want to just learn how to skid your lovely fixed gear bicycles the trick is basic, watch and learn. The watch is fixedgear videos – trawl this website, youtube, your nan’s backcatalog – fixies are everywhere so you should be able to find plenty of video’s showing people skidding their fixies up hills, down hills skidding round corners or skidding just for the hell of it on a strait.

Skidding your fixie starts with learning to ride your fixie. By nature of it being a single speed fixed gear bike, if you stop pedalling and keep your feet on the pedals you will skid, skid or fall off. All the more reason to practice how to skid fixed gear, after all its a lot cooler to skid down a hill than to fly down it face first. Once you have found a good place to practice skidding fixed gear all you gotta do is fly up and down practicing – its not hard….pedal pedal pedal stop pedalling and then let it slip side to side.

Heres a good video to watch that won’t tell you how to skid fixed gear, because we already did that…its not hard

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