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Fixed gear frame’s for sale

October 6th, 2009

Theres been far too much talk about fixie frame’s around my area. Too many people are starting fixed gear bike projects without buying the frame first. Also I am a bit of a fixed gear bike frame fiend and I can’t help myself checking out what’s for sale on the net to see if theres any bargain track bike frames up for sale that I can snatch at the last minute. Its a bit of a habit what can I say.

Anyway because I love looking at fixed gear frame’s and to make it easier to find them, as well as to remind you all that fixed gear project bike’s should all start with an amazing frame I have put fixed gear frame’s in the online fixie auction section so you can check out what frame’s are currently for sale nice and easily. Aren’t you lucky. Just remember though if you get into a fierce bidding war over a fixie frame, you might well know the other bidder from somewhere :p

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