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Fixie garages – City Bike Fixing Fixies

October 15th, 2009

Fixed gear bikes in the city, or indeed in the smaller towns are breeding like rabbits! This is a good thing of course but it does mean remembering to pack the spare inner tube, pump, etc is becoming more important by the day. I have ridden past two ‘pushers’ this week who had clearly forgotten, and I had little time to stop and help.

What I think the city of london, as well as the bigger towns need is a fixie garage. Now I don’t mean a fixie shop that repairs bikes, I mean a small unit with specially designed furniture to make it easy to fix bikes – a quick fit of the bike world if you will. There are obvious price issues but I am sure an AA style yearly membership or fixie failure subscription would go down well in the city.


Then of course you shopkeepers could all just stock inner tubes and we could have bike city furniture which meant easy repairs? Just ideas, little sadder than seeing a dude have to walk home his fixie!!!

4 Responses to “Fixie garages – City Bike Fixing Fixies”

  1. Nielsen Says:

    what kind of wheels are those, brand name?

  2. James Says:

    What is this frame? Looks so perfect for what i’m after

  3. gonzo Says:

    these are teny rims

  4. cesar Says:

    what kind of rims are those?

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