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Folding fixed gear bike

October 7th, 2009

Its been a busy week at fixed gear biking uk, lots of riding lots of writing lots of tinkering – so much so that the Wired Magazine review of the newly released folding fixed gear bike almost slipped the net! yes you read that last sentence correct, not only do we occasionally read wired but yes some madcap company has designed and built a folding fixed gear bike!!!! Check this out!!


This folding fixie phenomenon (nearly 3 f’s) has been launched by Montague and has been entitled “Boston”. Now I am not one to point it out but that is one generic fixie name…lol. Anyway wired had some good things to say about it, I personally am not a huge fan – I like my fixies traditional, although I do see the appeal for those who don’t have bike shed’s or a decent place to store a few bikes. Its a bit like wearing a tshirt which says “im a closet fixie rider, no literally my fixies in the closet” but meh it would probably ride ok.

I do kind of like the double central bar but cant help but think the designs more about being foldable than being a fixie, maybe it can do both? I suppose untill I have blagged a ride on someone’s “Boston” I won’t be able to definitively write off this fixed gear folding bike. If I brought on though I’d get rid of that pesky back break…:p


I particularly like this paragraph of the wired review:
Wired say: “The Boston isn’t quite as clean-lined as a brakeless, Aerospoked fashion-machine, but the aluminum framed folder should be both light and sturdy. The most curious aspect is the folding mechanism itself, which looks a little like a mountain bike suspension system. The whole front-end is one solid piece, and the rear triangle pivots around the seat-tube and locks on to both of the double top-tubes. Handy for hauling up to elevator-free apartments, and even handier for bagging and taking on vacation.”

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  1. Porter Says:

    I saw that this bike just got released for sale. I’m excited to finally buy one. I own a Montague MX mountain bike, and I throw it in my car for weekend trips. It’s pretty easy to fold and carry or put in the trunk. I need a better bike for my commute through the city, and a single-speed bike that folds is awesome.

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