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Genesis Flyer – One nice fixie?

October 4th, 2009

I have been watching Fixie’s For sale again recently, its become somewhat of an addiction to see what you uk fixie owners/sellers are throwing out of your closets and up for sale. Just about to sell at just over £300 is a Genesis flyer, I love that bike and its well worth that money – skipping through all the cheap bikes that are mass produced there is the odd gem, it would seem that the fixed gear bike ways are well and truely now accepted by the uk – with at least 20 good single speed bikes from fixie owners on ebay at any one time. I would say that a nice proportion of them are even hand re-built, a good thing to see – although the point is meant to be you hand build your own and keep it till it dies then bring it back to life with parts donated from another victim

Anyway its awesome to see the fixie nation of the UK growing!

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