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Genisis Bikes Flyer Review

October 31st, 2009

I was searching the web, as normal, the other day when it struck me – I really want a Genisis Bikes Flyer. I surfed around a bit looking for a decent Genisis Flyer bike’s review but I couldn’t find anything like the detail I wanted on the bike. I also ebayed it and on searching for () I found only one bike (you can probably see it if you click it) which was a very nice, brand new Genesis flyer from 2009.


This is all well and good ebay sellers but I want a genesis flyer 2010 – where for art thou Genesis 2010? I probably can’t afford it anyway, and considering I cant find a decent review on the damn bike its probably not sensible to wade in and buy one. Anyone got a genesis flyer 2010 and want to write a review? I would happily put it up and happily buy one if I can read a bit more about it and its what I am looking for.

2 Responses to “Genisis Bikes Flyer Review”

  1. Matt Says:

    Bike radar have a review of this bike :)

  2. FixieKing Says:

    nomnomnom eh? pretty

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