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Single Speed Bikes UK

October 31st, 2009

SSBUK – single speed bikes uk – now thats a cool name for a group (sorry if you already exist – couldn’t easily spot you anywhere) – If you were to open up a shop for fixies what would you call it? theres some standard ones people always use like “Fixienation” or “Fixed gear gear” but there must be some really creative names you can make with fixed gear bike connotations.


Single Speed Steve, Forest Fixies (like pixies – you get it?), Fixed Gear VAULT – ok so my naming isnt so great, I mean my site is called fixed gear biking – but still there must be some really imaginitive names out there in the fixie community – or are we all on Single Speed Bikes uk?

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  1. Sue Says:

    Thinking about getting fixed gear bike…please advise. I am a fit over 50 female who wants to get into biking as dodgy knees for running, and don’t want to have the complication of gears. Would appreciate some guidance


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