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Single Spoke Single Speed Bike

October 27th, 2009

If you haven’t seent his already you might be amazed…its pretty amazing.The comments are interesting too – I would like to own one of these, or at least try one out as for a fixed gear bike to have a single spoke (single speed single spoke bike?) or aero spoke it would be pretty sick – low impact sport and a much lighter bike. The question is how far can the single spoke really go – does it have the counterleavered force to work within the mountain bike / other bike markets. I think not myself, because if it aint broke don’t fix it – but for fixies this is definately a nice development – cant wait to see more bikes riding round the city with these wheels on, not least that or i get my hands on one! In fact if anyone wants to send me one that I can review I would be happy too? lol no? – I can imagine cars and motorbikes being pimped out with these in the near future – all i care about is the zero spoke wheel for the fixie – wheres that? oh the fun of spoke counting on fixed gear bikes!

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  1. Richard Adshit Says:

    rad shit

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