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2010 Superfly Bike

November 9th, 2009

For the first time ever on fixed gear bikes we are going to feature a non fixed gear bike. Shock. Horror. Yes I know, it has gears (plural :o ), but this isn’t just any mountain bike (I promise this will be the only non fixie for at least another 6 this is the 2010 Superfly and it is 100% hot. What makes a mountain bike hot enough to make it out of the fringes of downhill biking lunatics and into the mass of cliche’ single speed bikes? 2 american national mtb title’s, held by a couple (yes man and wife) on a superfly.


This probably doesn’t mean a lot to pure fixie fckers but for all those out there that like to occasionally fly down a hill that isn’t tarmac’d here is a few pics of the super fly, superfly 2010 bike. Weighing just 24.3 pounds (that’s just over 11 kilograms!) this bike is big but light making it manoeuvrable and far from a chore on any terrain. It will cost you $5600 or at least £4k though – although this price is cushioned by a good suspension.


Don’t worry fixie heads, normal service will now be resumed!!

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