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Are fixie bikes for women?

April 1st, 2011

I do not think that fixie bikes must be limited to men alone. Today, women are learning how to re-educate men on the change of roles of both sexes on the job, at home, and throughout every facet of life. What men can do, women can do better! The new generation has empowered women and has given them the platform from which they can strive for better opportunities. There are in fact women in the armed forces, influential women leaders, and popular women athletes. Gone are the days where women settle for the role of plain housewives.    

 There are in fact lots of women who are enjoying using their fixie bikes. In fact, many stores selling the fixie bikes provide different styles and colors of wheels. They even introduced a fixed gear bike specifically designed for girls called Chixie. Women can now use various colors of wheels to match their outfit. The mere fact that companies sell wheels and accessories with stylish and up to date designs is already a confirmation of the feminine side of the fixie bikes. Fixie bikes can also help women maintain a healthy figure.

 So if you think fixie bikes are just for men, think again my friend! In fact you will be surprised to see that there are lots of women in your campus riding fixies. Some men even prefer women who want to make it rough. Do not underestimate the girl power! Who knows, you will fall head over wheels for a woman who ride fixie bike.

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