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The 5 best colours for fixed gear bikes

April 1st, 2011

To blue or not to blue, that is the question!

 If you are planning to buy a fixed gear bike, then one of the things that you should consider is the colour. You should find a perfect colour that is not only your favourite but at the same time will express your personality. So what are the 5 best colours for fixed gear bikes?

  1. Red. This is the colour of love. It also means fire. If you want to look hot, then you should definitely buy a flaming red single aluminum ring bolt to personalize your red fixed gear bike.
  2. Green. If you want a respect and balance, then green is your colour. Think green! If you are an advocate in saving the environment then you can do your campaign while riding a green fixed gear bike with green hub.
  3. Purple. If you are the type of person who wants to find spiritual fulfillment then a purple fixed gear bike is perfect for you. I am sure you will get more than just spiritual fulfillment but at the same time you will feel like a royalty. You can also add an elegant purple seat collar in your bike.
  4. Black. Black is beautiful. If you are a conservative person then a black fixed gear bike is for you. In fact, the colour black is very mysterious. You will surely attract lots of women!
  5. Blue. If you want a soothing and relaxing colour, then blue is perfect for you. You can have a blue bike with matching blue tires and blue grips.       


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