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Did fixed gear biking really originate in San Francisco?

June 1st, 2011

The fixed gear biking, which has tremendously conquered the world by storm, has its own story to tell. How it gained its popularity is due to the fact that riding fixies offers a different riding experience and a sense of freedom to be wherever you want to be, whenever. It is not only convenient to use but at the same time it is a low maintenance bike. But where did the fixed gear biking originate?

There are lots of speculation as to the origin of fixed gear biking. Being the oldest and simplest form of bike, the fixies have been around for quite some time. Majority of experts will agree that fixed gear bikes have been used in world sporting events even before the introduction of bicycle gears. So, none can really prove that the fixed gear biking started in San Francisco. In fact, in 1876 there were already fixed gear competitions in the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City. But, no one can deny that fixed gear biking is very famous in San Francisco. You can see lots of people from all facets of life to be riding the fixies. The city has been the venue of world sporting events for the fastest fixed gear rider and those who can do stunts and tricks with their fixie bikes.

Today, it has conquered different cities like London, Tokyo, and even Beijing. Despite the lack of proof as to its origin, the bike has definitely come a long way.

This is a Guest Post by Gene at Fixie Shop UK.

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