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Favourite colours for fixed gear bikes

June 7th, 2011

Thanks to Gene @ Fixie Tshirts for this guest post on the colours of fixies:

Fixed gear bikes or otherwise known as fixies are the latest trend in travelling nowadays. So when you are always on the go, the fixed gear bike is a must have! If you are always complaining about the traffic, well here is your chance to be always on time. You no longer have to worry about getting a cab in the morning or being stuck in the train with other commuters. With fixed gear bike, you can now have the riding experience of a lifetime.

The best thing about a fixed gear bike is that you can personalize it to express your personality and taste. The bike is elegant and its structure is simple. So, you do not have to be an expert in bikes in order to change its parts. You will never go wrong with a white fixie with white handle bars. It is not only pleasing to the eye but very chic. That is why, if given the chance to have my own fixed gear bike, I will settle with this colour. This is also the favourite color of those people who have a play it safe personality like me. But, for those who are spontaneous and wild, they will always go with different colours like red, blue, green, and yellow. They can even combine two to three colours in one bike. For women who are into fashion, they always settle with a pink fixie. But whatever colour you select, it does not matter for what is important is that the bike is convenient and fun to use.

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