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Is the fixed gear bike scene bigger in London or New York?

June 15th, 2011

Guest post by Gene

The fixed gear bike is a big scene all over the world, be it in London or New York. In fact, a lot of people are now using fixed gear bikes in going to school or work. It is no longer the latest craze for youngsters who are fond of showing off their hipness and skills but at the same time for adults who want to get into the action. The fixies offer a different kind of riding experience for there are no brakes and there is only one gear. That is why there are lots of people who got hooked by this bike.

If you are into fixies then you are surely aware that there is an event called “Rollapalluza” in London. It is a yearly festival of roller racing where one can expect lots of fixed gear riders. It has tremendously attracted different tourists from all over the globe. It has become an anticipated event in London. Before, you can only see messengers riding fixies. Today, people rode the bike to express their personality and sense of style. There is even an all girl group in London of about 20 members, who are practicing different bike tricks such as cycling backwards in circles and 180 degree skids. Evans Cycles, which is a company selling fixed gear bike, has admitted that the demand for their product has gone up not only for Adam but also for Eve.

In New York, the fixed gear bikers have their own well known fixed-gear only competition called the “Monstertrack alleycat”. The event attracted fixed gear bikers not only in the United States but from different countries to compete for the ultimate championship title.

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