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Favourite colours for fixed gear bikes

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Thanks to Gene @ Fixie Tshirts for this guest post on the colours of fixies:

Fixed gear bikes or otherwise known as fixies are the latest trend in travelling nowadays. So when you are always on the go, the fixed gear bike is a must have! If you are always complaining about the traffic, well here is your chance to be always on time. You no longer have to worry about getting a cab in the morning or being stuck in the train with other commuters. With fixed gear bike, you can now have the riding experience of a lifetime.

The best thing about a fixed gear bike is that you can personalize it to express your personality and taste. The bike is elegant and its structure is simple. So, you do not have to be an expert in bikes in order to change its parts. You will never go wrong with a white fixie with white handle bars. It is not only pleasing to the eye but very chic. That is why, if given the chance to have my own fixed gear bike, I will settle with this colour. This is also the favourite color of those people who have a play it safe personality like me. But, for those who are spontaneous and wild, they will always go with different colours like red, blue, green, and yellow. They can even combine two to three colours in one bike. For women who are into fashion, they always settle with a pink fixie. But whatever colour you select, it does not matter for what is important is that the bike is convenient and fun to use.

Mountain bike speed record

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

There has been a bit of buzz amongst bikelists everywhere about the Mountain bike speed record, it currently stands at just over 130 mph, as set a few years ago. Now it does at first make you shocked to think of a bike (especially a non fixie) going at speeds of over 100mph, but its not by the riders own strength of leg muscles that this is achieved. Basically the 130mph mountain bike speed record was achieved by finding the biggest mountain to ride directly down a single slope to achieve a bone shattering speed. Perhaps this is why theres no Fixie bike speed record, but surely going 130mph down a hill would be possible if the hill was big enough, trying to stop a fixie doing 130mph though would not be as simple as a bit of back wheel skid out!!


Single Speed Bikes UK

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

SSBUK – single speed bikes uk – now thats a cool name for a group (sorry if you already exist – couldn’t easily spot you anywhere) – If you were to open up a shop for fixies what would you call it? theres some standard ones people always use like “Fixienation” or “Fixed gear gear” but there must be some really creative names you can make with fixed gear bike connotations.


Single Speed Steve, Forest Fixies (like pixies – you get it?), Fixed Gear VAULT – ok so my naming isnt so great, I mean my site is called fixed gear biking – but still there must be some really imaginitive names out there in the fixie community – or are we all on Single Speed Bikes uk?

Single Spoke Single Speed Bike

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

If you haven’t seent his already you might be amazed…its pretty amazing.The comments are interesting too – I would like to own one of these, or at least try one out as for a fixed gear bike to have a single spoke (single speed single spoke bike?) or aero spoke it would be pretty sick – low impact sport and a much lighter bike. The question is how far can the single spoke really go – does it have the counterleavered force to work within the mountain bike / other bike markets. I think not myself, because if it aint broke don’t fix it – but for fixies this is definately a nice development – cant wait to see more bikes riding round the city with these wheels on, not least that or i get my hands on one! In fact if anyone wants to send me one that I can review I would be happy too? lol no? – I can imagine cars and motorbikes being pimped out with these in the near future – all i care about is the zero spoke wheel for the fixie – wheres that? oh the fun of spoke counting on fixed gear bikes!

Fixed Gear Gallery

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Here at fixed gear biking we were thinking of getting together a really complete fixed gear gallery – we would have all the beautiful (and dog ugly) fixies that are currently shown on the net, in photo form in one place – what do people think? I know there is a ton of other fixed gear gallery sites and us ourselves kind of have a fixed gear gallery in bike porn. However there isn’t a great central point for all photographs of project fixie’s and custom builds, there’s forums but they arent the best place to house photographs. What does everyone think of a fixed gear gallery on FGB?

Probably our first additions would be our own fixie project bikes but would anyone else gladly add their own fixie photographs to the gallery?


Fixie garages – City Bike Fixing Fixies

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Fixed gear bikes in the city, or indeed in the smaller towns are breeding like rabbits! This is a good thing of course but it does mean remembering to pack the spare inner tube, pump, etc is becoming more important by the day. I have ridden past two ‘pushers’ this week who had clearly forgotten, and I had little time to stop and help.

What I think the city of london, as well as the bigger towns need is a fixie garage. Now I don’t mean a fixie shop that repairs bikes, I mean a small unit with specially designed furniture to make it easy to fix bikes – a quick fit of the bike world if you will. There are obvious price issues but I am sure an AA style yearly membership or fixie failure subscription would go down well in the city.


Then of course you shopkeepers could all just stock inner tubes and we could have bike city furniture which meant easy repairs? Just ideas, little sadder than seeing a dude have to walk home his fixie!!!

Folding fixed gear bike

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Its been a busy week at fixed gear biking uk, lots of riding lots of writing lots of tinkering – so much so that the Wired Magazine review of the newly released folding fixed gear bike almost slipped the net! yes you read that last sentence correct, not only do we occasionally read wired but yes some madcap company has designed and built a folding fixed gear bike!!!! Check this out!!


This folding fixie phenomenon (nearly 3 f’s) has been launched by Montague and has been entitled “Boston”. Now I am not one to point it out but that is one generic fixie name…lol. Anyway wired had some good things to say about it, I personally am not a huge fan – I like my fixies traditional, although I do see the appeal for those who don’t have bike shed’s or a decent place to store a few bikes. Its a bit like wearing a tshirt which says “im a closet fixie rider, no literally my fixies in the closet” but meh it would probably ride ok.

I do kind of like the double central bar but cant help but think the designs more about being foldable than being a fixie, maybe it can do both? I suppose untill I have blagged a ride on someone’s “Boston” I won’t be able to definitively write off this fixed gear folding bike. If I brought on though I’d get rid of that pesky back break…:p


I particularly like this paragraph of the wired review:
Wired say: “The Boston isn’t quite as clean-lined as a brakeless, Aerospoked fashion-machine, but the aluminum framed folder should be both light and sturdy. The most curious aspect is the folding mechanism itself, which looks a little like a mountain bike suspension system. The whole front-end is one solid piece, and the rear triangle pivots around the seat-tube and locks on to both of the double top-tubes. Handy for hauling up to elevator-free apartments, and even handier for bagging and taking on vacation.”

Fixed gear frame’s for sale

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Theres been far too much talk about fixie frame’s around my area. Too many people are starting fixed gear bike projects without buying the frame first. Also I am a bit of a fixed gear bike frame fiend and I can’t help myself checking out what’s for sale on the net to see if theres any bargain track bike frames up for sale that I can snatch at the last minute. Its a bit of a habit what can I say.

Anyway because I love looking at fixed gear frame’s and to make it easier to find them, as well as to remind you all that fixed gear project bike’s should all start with an amazing frame I have put fixed gear frame’s in the online fixie auction section so you can check out what frame’s are currently for sale nice and easily. Aren’t you lucky. Just remember though if you get into a fierce bidding war over a fixie frame, you might well know the other bidder from somewhere :p

Genesis Flyer – One nice fixie?

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

I have been watching Fixie’s For sale again recently, its become somewhat of an addiction to see what you uk fixie owners/sellers are throwing out of your closets and up for sale. Just about to sell at just over £300 is a Genesis flyer, I love that bike and its well worth that money – skipping through all the cheap bikes that are mass produced there is the odd gem, it would seem that the fixed gear bike ways are well and truely now accepted by the uk – with at least 20 good single speed bikes from fixie owners on ebay at any one time. I would say that a nice proportion of them are even hand re-built, a good thing to see – although the point is meant to be you hand build your own and keep it till it dies then bring it back to life with parts donated from another victim

Anyway its awesome to see the fixie nation of the UK growing!

How to Skid Fixed Gear

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Do you know how to skid a fixed gear bike? no? why not? what are you doing here? Anyway…Fixed gear biking comes to your rescue – all you new to fixed gear bike people that want to just learn how to skid your lovely fixed gear bicycles the trick is basic, watch and learn. The watch is fixedgear videos – trawl this website, youtube, your nan’s backcatalog – fixies are everywhere so you should be able to find plenty of video’s showing people skidding their fixies up hills, down hills skidding round corners or skidding just for the hell of it on a strait.

Skidding your fixie starts with learning to ride your fixie. By nature of it being a single speed fixed gear bike, if you stop pedalling and keep your feet on the pedals you will skid, skid or fall off. All the more reason to practice how to skid fixed gear, after all its a lot cooler to skid down a hill than to fly down it face first. Once you have found a good place to practice skidding fixed gear all you gotta do is fly up and down practicing – its not hard….pedal pedal pedal stop pedalling and then let it slip side to side.

Heres a good video to watch that won’t tell you how to skid fixed gear, because we already did that…its not hard