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A fixed gear bike

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

A fixed gear bike, oh for xmas why don’t we all just buy 1 fixed gear bike? If everyone on the planet brought a fixed gear bike on the same day for someone they know climate change wouldnt be such an issue, the (should be rewarded) fixed gear bike makers would have to step up production but that one off cost would help out the polar bears, even if just a little bit. Plus itd be awesome fun seeing everyone you know and knowing they all have a fixed gear bike and they now have no excuse to not come out for a ride with you one day.


Oh wide world just go and get someone a fixed gear bike for thier birthday or xmas, I dare you.

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Tandem Fixed Gear

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Has anyone in the uk got a fixed gear tandem? I think the idea is so epic – I might go about building my own tandem fixed gear if I can find two matching classic raleigh’s of enough similarity. Thats a tandem fixie I would love to own. Whats every1′s take on the tandom fixed gear?


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    Fixed Gear bike wallpaper’s

    Saturday, January 24th, 2009

    I have had a fixed gear bike as my pc wallpaper for the last year or so, I have gone between a few different bikes but I thought I would see if I can find any decent nice wallpapers of fixed gear bikes about the interwebz. The first one I found was this: a lovely example of a fixed gear, in nice high res which is perfect for my big lcd’s.


    Download this Fixed Gear Bike Wallpaper

    There is of course then our wonderful fixed gear wallpaper, featuring the elusive exploding fixed gear:

    fixed-gear-bikes 1280 wallpaper

    Download fixed gear biking explosion wallpaper – If you want this one in other resolutions comment here!

    Likewise if you have any epic wallpapers/high res fixie shots to share let me know and I will add em.

    Fixed gear road bike/bikes

    Friday, November 28th, 2008

    Bikes are fun, wouldn’t you agree? Whether your chipping it into town on a fixed gear road bike or pelting down a muddy slope on something more rugged. But what would define as the worlds best bike? the one bike that irrelevant of money, materials (got to be real obviously) and time you would give anything for?

    Would it be a fixed gear road bike? In actual fact, at least for me personally I would usually more opt for a fixed gear track bike, road bikes are nice but they don’t stand up to tricks like missed bunnyhops onto curbs etc very well, in fact I have a funny story about that but thats for another time, In my eyes the best bike I ever road was my 1980′s Raleigh fixed gear track bike, something I 100% regret selling on.

    Bespoke Bicycles / Custom Bikes

    Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

    Bespoke bikes is a huge business, I can’t see why none of you custom bicycle builders arent’ webbing it fully! I am looking for a little bespoke bicycle builder in outer london, I know the guys name but I lost his number and for the life of me I can’t find him anywhere online! But when I started the search I realised – theres not many of you doing much online?

    I have seen some excellent bike frames built custom and stuck on forums but I havent seen a decent website dedicated to bespoke bicycles since searching the web last for bike pornography (which can I say is a monthly thing that I revel in doing!)

    So come on all you bespoke bicycle guys – let me know where you are, get web-able or at least tell me about yourselves ;) we all love bespoke bikes so where are the real pro makers?

    Fixed Gear Modify list

    Saturday, November 15th, 2008

    We all love modifying our fixed gear bikes, but what are the possible modifications? I thought randomly I would make a list just so as I can almost check them off myself over the coming bikes :)

    • Strip a track bike down
    • Add new Wheels or Tyres
    • Other part swapping (New seat, handlebars, stems)
    • Custom paint job
    • brake removal (not advised)
    • Custom cut tyres
    • Stickers
    • Miss-sized wheels (seen this is classic)
    • Custom Handlebars
    • Custom Frame
    • Build own bike Stem
    • Loose Grams (final steps such as cutting center out of seat, carbon fibre..)
    • Carbon fibre frames
    • Any more? Ideas post comments please!
    • Of course then its shaving grams off yourself and your clothes:

    Are there Fixed Gear Accessories?

    Saturday, November 15th, 2008

    Obviously fixed gear biking comes under the same sport as other bicycle stuff such as mountain biking, trails biking, bmx’ing (kind of fixed gear) and motox / motorbiking. But is there any fixed gear specific accessories that are essentials? or at least a sort of pre-requisit for being a freeriding fixedgear guy?

    When you google it theres a ton of so called ‘fixed gear accessories‘ for sale – but really its mountain biking and road riding stuff repackaged/marketed. What really is there though? I know a guy who would say peaked caps and a waistcoat if you asked him, but I think thats more just him rather than the popular movement as such.

    I am going to pay attention at the next meet and see what people are boasting.

    Fixie Parts | Fixed Gear bike parts

    Saturday, November 15th, 2008

    Been building fixed gear bikes for years or new to the game? professional courier with a passion for spanners and welder’s or amateur street cyclist looking for the final touch.

    All these people and more need apply – check out our new section on fixed gear bike parts. It basically gives you a ton of used and new fixie parts to make up your next bike or fix / replace a part. Just trying to make the fixie dudes day on track and let everyone have some more time on bikes!

    Fixed Gear Biking Videos

    Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

    Our first Collection of fixed gear bike videos is now out there! Featuring the likes of fantastic riders such as Cadence’s Keo, anonymous street riders and single speed bikes from around the world!

    Heres one video from our collection to wet your appetite, more available at

    Remember Fixed-Gear-Biking next time you are free riding around town – record your biking fun and send it in!

    New Style Fixed Gear Biking Homepage!!

    Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

    New Style Fixed Gear Biking Homepage

    New Style Fixed Gear Biking Homepage

    We have just finished work on the fantastic new homepage of Fixed Gear Biking and hope you like it, with the new design comes a new set of features! We will be opening up the fixed-gear forums, bike porn and biking video sections soon!

    Stay tuned and keep biking! (Fixed Gear Biking at that!)