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Did fixed gear biking really originate in San Francisco?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

The fixed gear biking, which has tremendously conquered the world by storm, has its own story to tell. How it gained its popularity is due to the fact that riding fixies offers a different riding experience and a sense of freedom to be wherever you want to be, whenever. It is not only convenient to use but at the same time it is a low maintenance bike. But where did the fixed gear biking originate?

There are lots of speculation as to the origin of fixed gear biking. Being the oldest and simplest form of bike, the fixies have been around for quite some time. Majority of experts will agree that fixed gear bikes have been used in world sporting events even before the introduction of bicycle gears. So, none can really prove that the fixed gear biking started in San Francisco. In fact, in 1876 there were already fixed gear competitions in the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City. But, no one can deny that fixed gear biking is very famous in San Francisco. You can see lots of people from all facets of life to be riding the fixies. The city has been the venue of world sporting events for the fastest fixed gear rider and those who can do stunts and tricks with their fixie bikes.

Today, it has conquered different cities like London, Tokyo, and even Beijing. Despite the lack of proof as to its origin, the bike has definitely come a long way.

This is a Guest Post by Gene at Fixie Shop UK.

Fixie bikers required for a commercial!

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

–Just a quick shout to UK fixie riders – sent in to us:

Fixie bikers required for a commercial!

CS Sports Promotions Ltd are looking for fixed wheel bikers who can perform stunts/tricks on their own bike to appear in a commercial.

If you can do wheelies, jumps, ride down steps and more then please get in touch!

We specifically need males in their early 20s but are interested in hearing from females 18-25 as well.

Email photos/videos, name, date of birth, height and contact information to

Or call 020 8771 4700

Deadline for applications is Thursday 13th January 2011.

Mountain bike speed record

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

There has been a bit of buzz amongst bikelists everywhere about the Mountain bike speed record, it currently stands at just over 130 mph, as set a few years ago. Now it does at first make you shocked to think of a bike (especially a non fixie) going at speeds of over 100mph, but its not by the riders own strength of leg muscles that this is achieved. Basically the 130mph mountain bike speed record was achieved by finding the biggest mountain to ride directly down a single slope to achieve a bone shattering speed. Perhaps this is why theres no Fixie bike speed record, but surely going 130mph down a hill would be possible if the hill was big enough, trying to stop a fixie doing 130mph though would not be as simple as a bit of back wheel skid out!!


Single Speed Bikes UK

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

SSBUK – single speed bikes uk – now thats a cool name for a group (sorry if you already exist – couldn’t easily spot you anywhere) – If you were to open up a shop for fixies what would you call it? theres some standard ones people always use like “Fixienation” or “Fixed gear gear” but there must be some really creative names you can make with fixed gear bike connotations.


Single Speed Steve, Forest Fixies (like pixies – you get it?), Fixed Gear VAULT – ok so my naming isnt so great, I mean my site is called fixed gear biking – but still there must be some really imaginitive names out there in the fixie community – or are we all on Single Speed Bikes uk?

Genisis Bikes Flyer Review

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

I was searching the web, as normal, the other day when it struck me – I really want a Genisis Bikes Flyer. I surfed around a bit looking for a decent Genisis Flyer bike’s review but I couldn’t find anything like the detail I wanted on the bike. I also ebayed it and on searching for () I found only one bike (you can probably see it if you click it) which was a very nice, brand new Genesis flyer from 2009.


This is all well and good ebay sellers but I want a genesis flyer 2010 – where for art thou Genesis 2010? I probably can’t afford it anyway, and considering I cant find a decent review on the damn bike its probably not sensible to wade in and buy one. Anyone got a genesis flyer 2010 and want to write a review? I would happily put it up and happily buy one if I can read a bit more about it and its what I am looking for.

Single Spoke Single Speed Bike

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

If you haven’t seent his already you might be amazed…its pretty amazing.The comments are interesting too – I would like to own one of these, or at least try one out as for a fixed gear bike to have a single spoke (single speed single spoke bike?) or aero spoke it would be pretty sick – low impact sport and a much lighter bike. The question is how far can the single spoke really go – does it have the counterleavered force to work within the mountain bike / other bike markets. I think not myself, because if it aint broke don’t fix it – but for fixies this is definately a nice development – cant wait to see more bikes riding round the city with these wheels on, not least that or i get my hands on one! In fact if anyone wants to send me one that I can review I would be happy too? lol no? – I can imagine cars and motorbikes being pimped out with these in the near future – all i care about is the zero spoke wheel for the fixie – wheres that? oh the fun of spoke counting on fixed gear bikes!

Fixed Gear Gallery

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Here at fixed gear biking we were thinking of getting together a really complete fixed gear gallery – we would have all the beautiful (and dog ugly) fixies that are currently shown on the net, in photo form in one place – what do people think? I know there is a ton of other fixed gear gallery sites and us ourselves kind of have a fixed gear gallery in bike porn. However there isn’t a great central point for all photographs of project fixie’s and custom builds, there’s forums but they arent the best place to house photographs. What does everyone think of a fixed gear gallery on FGB?

Probably our first additions would be our own fixie project bikes but would anyone else gladly add their own fixie photographs to the gallery?


Cycle News: Cycle Show 2009

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

SE Bikes were where its at at the London cycle show 2009 – 100% Fixie love at this show, there was some nice bmx bikes too but really fixies was where it was at for us. There were a ton of nice pretty fixie’s at the show but heres our two favourites – who can id these two fixies? anyone?



Hot Hot Hot Fixies

Fixed gear frame’s for sale

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Theres been far too much talk about fixie frame’s around my area. Too many people are starting fixed gear bike projects without buying the frame first. Also I am a bit of a fixed gear bike frame fiend and I can’t help myself checking out what’s for sale on the net to see if theres any bargain track bike frames up for sale that I can snatch at the last minute. Its a bit of a habit what can I say.

Anyway because I love looking at fixed gear frame’s and to make it easier to find them, as well as to remind you all that fixed gear project bike’s should all start with an amazing frame I have put fixed gear frame’s in the online fixie auction section so you can check out what frame’s are currently for sale nice and easily. Aren’t you lucky. Just remember though if you get into a fierce bidding war over a fixie frame, you might well know the other bidder from somewhere :p

Genesis Flyer – One nice fixie?

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

I have been watching Fixie’s For sale again recently, its become somewhat of an addiction to see what you uk fixie owners/sellers are throwing out of your closets and up for sale. Just about to sell at just over £300 is a Genesis flyer, I love that bike and its well worth that money – skipping through all the cheap bikes that are mass produced there is the odd gem, it would seem that the fixed gear bike ways are well and truely now accepted by the uk – with at least 20 good single speed bikes from fixie owners on ebay at any one time. I would say that a nice proportion of them are even hand re-built, a good thing to see – although the point is meant to be you hand build your own and keep it till it dies then bring it back to life with parts donated from another victim

Anyway its awesome to see the fixie nation of the UK growing!