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2010 PK Ripper Fixed Gear Bike

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Another month flies past, but wait..whats that I see on youtube…its a kind shop keeper plying us with his wares!!! Check out this very nice 2010 PK Ripper fixed gear bike, I mainly like it because of its colour scheme, murderous black I would call it. Nice elements but definately some stuff I would take off/switch out – the frame looks nice but a bit chunky. Anyway check this fixie out its worth a watch, but don’t give up your dayride just yet….

National Cycle Week – Were you Fixed Gear biking?

Monday, July 6th, 2009

National Cycle week – pshhh what about national fixie week? I swear someone needs to get that going, even though I saw a lot of fixed gear bikes about during the week, it was pretty much a clean normal week for me – rode my bike about as normal. Its good to get people on their bikes, but if they can do it for one week why doesnt everyone ride bikes all year? Especially if they found fixie love!


A telegraph ( reporter said about the national bike week “Having spent my first biking weeks in a construction worker’s fluoro-yellow gilet – beyond ugly – I quickly graduated to a Prada Sport yellow zip anorak. I can now be assured that at my next black-tie event, I can arrive in my Puma green satin trainers (heels and clutch in basket), Sophia Kokosalaki stretch LBD, bright orange MAC lipstick and a TWOnFRO tuxedo.” – I think Harriet Quick (What an awesome fixed gear biker name!) gets the idea ;)

Fixed Gear Riding Safety

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Often the last thing we think about as we build a nice new fixed gear bike ready to take out around town, safety is important, especially as often we are riding as lightly as possible to allow us to get from A to B in a swift manor. The following video made for a course shows just one persons thoughts on fixed gear biking safety. Basically you should have a bike helmet no?

Note also the comments on this video – some are hilarious:
“you forgot some other good methods of stopping like ghost riding, and jamming a stick in your spokes. also i saw no instructions for how to make sure your fixie is spotted in front coffee shops, or to make sure to wear a condom while banging skeezy hipster chicks.” and “good video. 5/5 . thanks for showing how to get on the bike with 1 leg swinging over! ive been lookin for that forever” – sarcasm killed the cat, lol

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    Richard Caseby thinks fixed gear is dead

    Friday, April 24th, 2009

    This interesting article on timesonline by Richard Caseby suggests that fixed gear biking is dead! Shock horror! Of course its not dead as me, and anyone else who is an avid fixie fan will tell you, points however are made and he notes that “Columnist AA Gill” and “Will Self” are avid riders – something which should herald the end of fixie fashion accordingly.

    This I believe is inverse to the truth and in reality this is anything but bad for the fixed gear bike – these people are fairly notary and not bad signs for the fixies in my opinion. Just the fact that this article is around is true style of the fixie rider, rebellious to the rest and proud. They were (as the article says) “Riding fixed gear in the 1890s” and they are still going, this is no short faze. Long live the fixie.

    Mountain bike high speed record Accident – Bike Accident video

    Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

    If you are going to attempt a high speed record regardless of what vehicle you are using there is going to be the possibility of pain. Trying to ride a bike fast, is no doubt likely to be high up on that pain scale as a bicyclist is typically rather unprotected as they ride their two wheeled frame around the environment.

    This video proves you have got to have nuts if you want to attempt high speed bike records!

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    Parkinglot Sessions – Fixie Riding

    Friday, April 10th, 2009

    Riding your fixie is becoming so much of an art – youtube is the stage often but the first instance is often the town. Long Live fixed gear riding – heres some classic fixie’ parkinglot action.

    Viva la’ fix.

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    A fixed gear bike

    Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

    A fixed gear bike, oh for xmas why don’t we all just buy 1 fixed gear bike? If everyone on the planet brought a fixed gear bike on the same day for someone they know climate change wouldnt be such an issue, the (should be rewarded) fixed gear bike makers would have to step up production but that one off cost would help out the polar bears, even if just a little bit. Plus itd be awesome fun seeing everyone you know and knowing they all have a fixed gear bike and they now have no excuse to not come out for a ride with you one day.


    Oh wide world just go and get someone a fixed gear bike for thier birthday or xmas, I dare you.

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    Belt Driving Fixed Gear Bikes

    Sunday, April 5th, 2009

    Recently I have seen two harley davidson inspired belt driven bikes ride past me in town. Both caught my eye in a way no other bike really did before, as a cyclist (a fixie rider) maintaining my bike is actually quite an enjoyable pastime, but I know a lot of others that think maintaining a bicycle is dreadful. The chain being the pivitol means of propulsion on a bike makes it get the most abuse, im my experience out of all the components of a pushbike. So like the harley motorbikes that adopted the belt in favour of the traditional chain have finally dumped their magic into pushbikes? Supposedly these belt driven bikes never need lubrication (no more oil stains on your light coloured trousers) and provide smoother pedalling. Put simply at this point I don’t believe it.


    For people who like having gears on their bikes these are available now, this example is the Trek Soho and features gears built into the back hub. I am yet to spot a fixie one for sale locally – But then I am very lazy today. I think in theory belt driven fixed gear bikes make a lot more sense than belt driven multi gear bikes. I mean it simplifies it a whole nother step.


    Built from carbon fibre and rubber supposedly these bike belts are clean, don’t stretch within reasonable force – they took two years to appropriate into the perfect cycling form of the equivalent motorbike belt. They had to supposedly find the perfect tooth length and then in the end use thicker back end tubes to support the strain. Either way I hope they stick these on a nice fixie, or at least they date a bit so I can rip one off another second hand bike to play with. Belt driven fixies – Gotta be worth a months shedwork.

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    Fixed Gear News

    Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

    What news of fixed gears this week? Well my fixie died, caught it in a bad hop into a drain (sounds funny, really wasn’t at the time) so I am thinking I might rebuild the whole thing.  Other than that I have been wasting far too much time watching videos of fixed gear biking on youtube, its like a black hole for time damnit.

    In other news fixed gear news is a title I like, I might stick with it.

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