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Fixed Gear Fan Video

Monday, April 20th, 2009

And people say fixies is all about the bikes….

This great vid features Dy-Lan and walks you through some of her extreme training methods for getting together for a big fixed gear race.

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Parkinglot Sessions – Fixie Riding

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Riding your fixie is becoming so much of an art – youtube is the stage often but the first instance is often the town. Long Live fixed gear riding – heres some classic fixie’ parkinglot action.

Viva la’ fix.

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A fixed gear bike

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

A fixed gear bike, oh for xmas why don’t we all just buy 1 fixed gear bike? If everyone on the planet brought a fixed gear bike on the same day for someone they know climate change wouldnt be such an issue, the (should be rewarded) fixed gear bike makers would have to step up production but that one off cost would help out the polar bears, even if just a little bit. Plus itd be awesome fun seeing everyone you know and knowing they all have a fixed gear bike and they now have no excuse to not come out for a ride with you one day.


Oh wide world just go and get someone a fixed gear bike for thier birthday or xmas, I dare you.

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Fixed Gear News

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

What news of fixed gears this week? Well my fixie died, caught it in a bad hop into a drain (sounds funny, really wasn’t at the time) so I am thinking I might rebuild the whole thing.  Other than that I have been wasting far too much time watching videos of fixed gear biking on youtube, its like a black hole for time damnit.

In other news fixed gear news is a title I like, I might stick with it.

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Fixed Gear Fantasys

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Anyone got an idea where the fixed gear fantasys video went? I was happily watching it every now and again – checking back to rewatch it and then now its been taken down I cant find it anywhere online. Where did the Fixed Gear Fantasys bike video go?

If anyone finds it please replace it or shout me a link, I am interested in one of the bikes in it – looking to buy a part which is the same.

In other news Fixies are becoming way too popular, I almost preferred it when fixed gear fantasys wasnt a broad thing, now every tom dick and harry in my town is riding fixed gear :/

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Early Morning Fixed Gear Biking

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Waking up early is rubbish, that is unless you are waking up early to beat the skaters to the ramps on fixies. Early morning fixed gear riding is great fun, less to no people and fewer cars on the roads and no stoner skaters. These guys have the right idea:

Get up early, ride fixed gear!

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Snow Riding Fixie

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

I wish it had snowed for xmas :( – not because I care about a white christmas or any sh!t like that, just because I wanna go fixie snow riding :(

Bring us some snow plllllllllllleassseee Our fixed gear bikes need’s it!

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Fixed gear bikes on youtube

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

If its fixed gear videos you are after how about this latest random compilation of fixie dreamage.

Ride Long

Ride Hard

Ride Fixed Gear Bikes

Fixed Gear Biking Videos

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Our first Collection of fixed gear bike videos is now out there! Featuring the likes of fantastic riders such as Cadence’s Keo, anonymous street riders and single speed bikes from around the world!

Heres one video from our collection to wet your appetite, more available at

Remember Fixed-Gear-Biking next time you are free riding around town – record your biking fun and send it in!