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Fixie bikers required for a commercial!

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

–Just a quick shout to UK fixie riders – sent in to us:

Fixie bikers required for a commercial!

CS Sports Promotions Ltd are looking for fixed wheel bikers who can perform stunts/tricks on their own bike to appear in a commercial.

If you can do wheelies, jumps, ride down steps and more then please get in touch!

We specifically need males in their early 20s but are interested in hearing from females 18-25 as well.

Email photos/videos, name, date of birth, height and contact information to

Or call 020 8771 4700

Deadline for applications is Thursday 13th January 2011.

Genisis Bikes Flyer Review

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

I was searching the web, as normal, the other day when it struck me – I really want a Genisis Bikes Flyer. I surfed around a bit looking for a decent Genisis Flyer bike’s review but I couldn’t find anything like the detail I wanted on the bike. I also ebayed it and on searching for () I found only one bike (you can probably see it if you click it) which was a very nice, brand new Genesis flyer from 2009.


This is all well and good ebay sellers but I want a genesis flyer 2010 – where for art thou Genesis 2010? I probably can’t afford it anyway, and considering I cant find a decent review on the damn bike its probably not sensible to wade in and buy one. Anyone got a genesis flyer 2010 and want to write a review? I would happily put it up and happily buy one if I can read a bit more about it and its what I am looking for.

Fixie Stuff

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

So yeah if you haven’t already realised this site is about fixed gear bikes and other related fixie stuff, whether thats accessories, bike life or tyres. But what do you readers class as fixie stuff – what would be your 10 most fixie relative items you own – is it that hat you ride with or a special set of pedals?


Mine I think would be my beautiful bike, my backpack, my pump, my jacket, my bike rack (sometimes you gotta drive and ride) and maybe my favourite riding glasses – but hell they are mostly accessories – all we really need is a bike right? and maybe some pants? haha.

So let us know – what is your fixie stuff?

Single Spoke Single Speed Bike

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

If you haven’t seent his already you might be amazed…its pretty amazing.The comments are interesting too – I would like to own one of these, or at least try one out as for a fixed gear bike to have a single spoke (single speed single spoke bike?) or aero spoke it would be pretty sick – low impact sport and a much lighter bike. The question is how far can the single spoke really go – does it have the counterleavered force to work within the mountain bike / other bike markets. I think not myself, because if it aint broke don’t fix it – but for fixies this is definately a nice development – cant wait to see more bikes riding round the city with these wheels on, not least that or i get my hands on one! In fact if anyone wants to send me one that I can review I would be happy too? lol no? – I can imagine cars and motorbikes being pimped out with these in the near future – all i care about is the zero spoke wheel for the fixie – wheres that? oh the fun of spoke counting on fixed gear bikes!

Fixie garages – City Bike Fixing Fixies

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Fixed gear bikes in the city, or indeed in the smaller towns are breeding like rabbits! This is a good thing of course but it does mean remembering to pack the spare inner tube, pump, etc is becoming more important by the day. I have ridden past two ‘pushers’ this week who had clearly forgotten, and I had little time to stop and help.

What I think the city of london, as well as the bigger towns need is a fixie garage. Now I don’t mean a fixie shop that repairs bikes, I mean a small unit with specially designed furniture to make it easy to fix bikes – a quick fit of the bike world if you will. There are obvious price issues but I am sure an AA style yearly membership or fixie failure subscription would go down well in the city.


Then of course you shopkeepers could all just stock inner tubes and we could have bike city furniture which meant easy repairs? Just ideas, little sadder than seeing a dude have to walk home his fixie!!!

Nice Blue Fixie Rims

Saturday, October 10th, 2009
You gotta love these 5 spoke blue rims…don’t you? I think I might have to pick me up some of these fixie rims somewhere soon!


How to Skid Fixed Gear

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Do you know how to skid a fixed gear bike? no? why not? what are you doing here? Anyway…Fixed gear biking comes to your rescue – all you new to fixed gear bike people that want to just learn how to skid your lovely fixed gear bicycles the trick is basic, watch and learn. The watch is fixedgear videos – trawl this website, youtube, your nan’s backcatalog – fixies are everywhere so you should be able to find plenty of video’s showing people skidding their fixies up hills, down hills skidding round corners or skidding just for the hell of it on a strait.

Skidding your fixie starts with learning to ride your fixie. By nature of it being a single speed fixed gear bike, if you stop pedalling and keep your feet on the pedals you will skid, skid or fall off. All the more reason to practice how to skid fixed gear, after all its a lot cooler to skid down a hill than to fly down it face first. Once you have found a good place to practice skidding fixed gear all you gotta do is fly up and down practicing – its not hard….pedal pedal pedal stop pedalling and then let it slip side to side.

Heres a good video to watch that won’t tell you how to skid fixed gear, because we already did that…its not hard

Fixed Gear Riding Safety

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Often the last thing we think about as we build a nice new fixed gear bike ready to take out around town, safety is important, especially as often we are riding as lightly as possible to allow us to get from A to B in a swift manor. The following video made for a course shows just one persons thoughts on fixed gear biking safety. Basically you should have a bike helmet no?

Note also the comments on this video – some are hilarious:
“you forgot some other good methods of stopping like ghost riding, and jamming a stick in your spokes. also i saw no instructions for how to make sure your fixie is spotted in front coffee shops, or to make sure to wear a condom while banging skeezy hipster chicks.” and “good video. 5/5 . thanks for showing how to get on the bike with 1 leg swinging over! ive been lookin for that forever” – sarcasm killed the cat, lol

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    Richard Caseby thinks fixed gear is dead

    Friday, April 24th, 2009

    This interesting article on timesonline by Richard Caseby suggests that fixed gear biking is dead! Shock horror! Of course its not dead as me, and anyone else who is an avid fixie fan will tell you, points however are made and he notes that “Columnist AA Gill” and “Will Self” are avid riders – something which should herald the end of fixie fashion accordingly.

    This I believe is inverse to the truth and in reality this is anything but bad for the fixed gear bike – these people are fairly notary and not bad signs for the fixies in my opinion. Just the fact that this article is around is true style of the fixie rider, rebellious to the rest and proud. They were (as the article says) “Riding fixed gear in the 1890s” and they are still going, this is no short faze. Long live the fixie.

    Mountain bike high speed record Accident – Bike Accident video

    Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

    If you are going to attempt a high speed record regardless of what vehicle you are using there is going to be the possibility of pain. Trying to ride a bike fast, is no doubt likely to be high up on that pain scale as a bicyclist is typically rather unprotected as they ride their two wheeled frame around the environment.

    This video proves you have got to have nuts if you want to attempt high speed bike records!

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