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Mountain bike high speed record Accident – Bike Accident video

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

If you are going to attempt a high speed record regardless of what vehicle you are using there is going to be the possibility of pain. Trying to ride a bike fast, is no doubt likely to be high up on that pain scale as a bicyclist is typically rather unprotected as they ride their two wheeled frame around the environment.

This video proves you have got to have nuts if you want to attempt high speed bike records!

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Off Road Bikers banned

Monday, April 20th, 2009

It turns out that some citys have big problems with off road bikers, yeadon being one of them. What I think they should do is introduce a “trailsbike for fixie” trade where by they will let you switch your bike for a nice fixie, this might coax at least a few of these wreckless offroad bikers out of their usual dangerous habits, and heck it would even do its own little bit for the environment!


The other thing that would be sensible would be to provide an off road biking place, the city is the home of the fixed gear, but offroading needs a home too.