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Did fixed gear biking really originate in San Francisco?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

The fixed gear biking, which has tremendously conquered the world by storm, has its own story to tell. How it gained its popularity is due to the fact that riding fixies offers a different riding experience and a sense of freedom to be wherever you want to be, whenever. It is not only convenient to use but at the same time it is a low maintenance bike. But where did the fixed gear biking originate?

There are lots of speculation as to the origin of fixed gear biking. Being the oldest and simplest form of bike, the fixies have been around for quite some time. Majority of experts will agree that fixed gear bikes have been used in world sporting events even before the introduction of bicycle gears. So, none can really prove that the fixed gear biking started in San Francisco. In fact, in 1876 there were already fixed gear competitions in the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City. But, no one can deny that fixed gear biking is very famous in San Francisco. You can see lots of people from all facets of life to be riding the fixies. The city has been the venue of world sporting events for the fastest fixed gear rider and those who can do stunts and tricks with their fixie bikes.

Today, it has conquered different cities like London, Tokyo, and even Beijing. Despite the lack of proof as to its origin, the bike has definitely come a long way.

This is a Guest Post by Gene at Fixie Shop UK.

Fixie Stuff

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

So yeah if you haven’t already realised this site is about fixed gear bikes and other related fixie stuff, whether thats accessories, bike life or tyres. But what do you readers class as fixie stuff – what would be your 10 most fixie relative items you own – is it that hat you ride with or a special set of pedals?


Mine I think would be my beautiful bike, my backpack, my pump, my jacket, my bike rack (sometimes you gotta drive and ride) and maybe my favourite riding glasses – but hell they are mostly accessories – all we really need is a bike right? and maybe some pants? haha.

So let us know – what is your fixie stuff?

Fixie garages – City Bike Fixing Fixies

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Fixed gear bikes in the city, or indeed in the smaller towns are breeding like rabbits! This is a good thing of course but it does mean remembering to pack the spare inner tube, pump, etc is becoming more important by the day. I have ridden past two ‘pushers’ this week who had clearly forgotten, and I had little time to stop and help.

What I think the city of london, as well as the bigger towns need is a fixie garage. Now I don’t mean a fixie shop that repairs bikes, I mean a small unit with specially designed furniture to make it easy to fix bikes – a quick fit of the bike world if you will. There are obvious price issues but I am sure an AA style yearly membership or fixie failure subscription would go down well in the city.


Then of course you shopkeepers could all just stock inner tubes and we could have bike city furniture which meant easy repairs? Just ideas, little sadder than seeing a dude have to walk home his fixie!!!

2010 PK Ripper Fixed Gear Bike

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Another month flies past, but wait..whats that I see on youtube…its a kind shop keeper plying us with his wares!!! Check out this very nice 2010 PK Ripper fixed gear bike, I mainly like it because of its colour scheme, murderous black I would call it. Nice elements but definately some stuff I would take off/switch out – the frame looks nice but a bit chunky. Anyway check this fixie out its worth a watch, but don’t give up your dayride just yet….

National Cycle Week – Were you Fixed Gear biking?

Monday, July 6th, 2009

National Cycle week – pshhh what about national fixie week? I swear someone needs to get that going, even though I saw a lot of fixed gear bikes about during the week, it was pretty much a clean normal week for me – rode my bike about as normal. Its good to get people on their bikes, but if they can do it for one week why doesnt everyone ride bikes all year? Especially if they found fixie love!


A telegraph ( reporter said about the national bike week “Having spent my first biking weeks in a construction worker’s fluoro-yellow gilet – beyond ugly – I quickly graduated to a Prada Sport yellow zip anorak. I can now be assured that at my next black-tie event, I can arrive in my Puma green satin trainers (heels and clutch in basket), Sophia Kokosalaki stretch LBD, bright orange MAC lipstick and a TWOnFRO tuxedo.” – I think Harriet Quick (What an awesome fixed gear biker name!) gets the idea ;)

Fixed Gear Riding Safety

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Often the last thing we think about as we build a nice new fixed gear bike ready to take out around town, safety is important, especially as often we are riding as lightly as possible to allow us to get from A to B in a swift manor. The following video made for a course shows just one persons thoughts on fixed gear biking safety. Basically you should have a bike helmet no?

Note also the comments on this video – some are hilarious:
“you forgot some other good methods of stopping like ghost riding, and jamming a stick in your spokes. also i saw no instructions for how to make sure your fixie is spotted in front coffee shops, or to make sure to wear a condom while banging skeezy hipster chicks.” and “good video. 5/5 . thanks for showing how to get on the bike with 1 leg swinging over! ive been lookin for that forever” – sarcasm killed the cat, lol

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    Fixed Gear Fan Video

    Monday, April 20th, 2009

    And people say fixies is all about the bikes….

    This great vid features Dy-Lan and walks you through some of her extreme training methods for getting together for a big fixed gear race.

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    A fixed gear bike

    Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

    A fixed gear bike, oh for xmas why don’t we all just buy 1 fixed gear bike? If everyone on the planet brought a fixed gear bike on the same day for someone they know climate change wouldnt be such an issue, the (should be rewarded) fixed gear bike makers would have to step up production but that one off cost would help out the polar bears, even if just a little bit. Plus itd be awesome fun seeing everyone you know and knowing they all have a fixed gear bike and they now have no excuse to not come out for a ride with you one day.


    Oh wide world just go and get someone a fixed gear bike for thier birthday or xmas, I dare you.

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    European Fixed Gear

    Friday, January 2nd, 2009

    I have always had a plan in my head to do europe by bike, its a great Idea but to put something like that into action you have to have a fewquid behind you.  This is a nice video that shows why I would love to take my fixed gear around europe – I would record it all and put it on european fixed gear .com or something similar!

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    Snow Riding Fixie

    Sunday, December 28th, 2008

    I wish it had snowed for xmas :( – not because I care about a white christmas or any sh!t like that, just because I wanna go fixie snow riding :(

    Bring us some snow plllllllllllleassseee Our fixed gear bikes need’s it!

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