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Fixed Gear and Steampunk

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

If you are not into bikes then this is your chance to learn more about it. Who knows, this article might change your views and you will decide to own one someday. 

 The world has witnessed a lot of development not in technology but at the same time in transportation. But that never means that those things that we cherish before will be taken for granted today. There are still lots of things that can amaze you whenever you see one. Just like in the mode of transportation, during the Victorian era the steampunk is very popular. That is the reason why today, people incorporate fresher and bolder ideas on the steampunk to create a more modern look. You will be surprised to see unique steampunk bike of different styles and with cool features.      

 On the other hand, just like a steampunk, you can also customize a fixed gear bike. You can use colourful accessories and exciting parts to meet your standard. You can use bike lights, attach bells and horns. You can also use different colours to match your personality and mood. Just remember to have fun and do not limit yourself with the usual style. In addition, you may want a custom cut tires, custom frame, custom handlebars, and cute stickers. It can be a real challenge to design a fixed gear bike, but just like in building a steampunk you will surely enjoy the experience. However, you may need to spend more money in customizing a steampunk than a fixed gear bike.

Fixed gear frame’s for sale

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Theres been far too much talk about fixie frame’s around my area. Too many people are starting fixed gear bike projects without buying the frame first. Also I am a bit of a fixed gear bike frame fiend and I can’t help myself checking out what’s for sale on the net to see if theres any bargain track bike frames up for sale that I can snatch at the last minute. Its a bit of a habit what can I say.

Anyway because I love looking at fixed gear frame’s and to make it easier to find them, as well as to remind you all that fixed gear project bike’s should all start with an amazing frame I have put fixed gear frame’s in the online fixie auction section so you can check out what frame’s are currently for sale nice and easily. Aren’t you lucky. Just remember though if you get into a fierce bidding war over a fixie frame, you might well know the other bidder from somewhere :p

A fixed gear bike

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

A fixed gear bike, oh for xmas why don’t we all just buy 1 fixed gear bike? If everyone on the planet brought a fixed gear bike on the same day for someone they know climate change wouldnt be such an issue, the (should be rewarded) fixed gear bike makers would have to step up production but that one off cost would help out the polar bears, even if just a little bit. Plus itd be awesome fun seeing everyone you know and knowing they all have a fixed gear bike and they now have no excuse to not come out for a ride with you one day.


Oh wide world just go and get someone a fixed gear bike for thier birthday or xmas, I dare you.

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Fixed Gear Modify list

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

We all love modifying our fixed gear bikes, but what are the possible modifications? I thought randomly I would make a list just so as I can almost check them off myself over the coming bikes :)

  • Strip a track bike down
  • Add new Wheels or Tyres
  • Other part swapping (New seat, handlebars, stems)
  • Custom paint job
  • brake removal (not advised)
  • Custom cut tyres
  • Stickers
  • Miss-sized wheels (seen this is classic)
  • Custom Handlebars
  • Custom Frame
  • Build own bike Stem
  • Loose Grams (final steps such as cutting center out of seat, carbon fibre..)
  • Carbon fibre frames
  • Any more? Ideas post comments please!
  • Of course then its shaving grams off yourself and your clothes:

Fixed Gear Bikes at Fixed Gear Biking

Monday, September 1st, 2008
Nice Fixie Bike

Fixed Gear Bikes have been one of the latest big trends across cities around the world. Originating from the USA Fixed gear cycles started off as track bikes, riden around a cycle circuit in events such as the olympics and professional cycling. Renegade riders took the bikes from the professional sport and rode them everywhere and anywhere around the streets of big cities. Soon Fixed gear bikes were all the rage.

Fixed gear bike’s (or fixies, single speeds, freewheelnego’s) are usually leightweight, skinny framed bikes with only a single fixed gear (hence the name.) This means no free-wheeling, coasting or such and often no back breaks. Pedalling backwards means you go backwards and stop pedalling to use your back wheel as a break. Simply put that is fixies in a paragraph, but theres a whole lot culture brewing around it.

Mixed in with a little steampunk some bikes are carefully made up out of unique and old parts, there is an ora of the old and dated with fixedgear bikes, often they are 70′s professional trackbikes or old pro-cycling frames with new parts, wheels etc. Having a single fixed-gear means you get a lot more control over the bike and what you do with it, it makes tricks easier, pedalling more skilled and opens up new avenues of cycling trick pulling. Furthermore removing the weighty gearing mechanisms, heavy tyres and additional break components makes the bike very light. You can see why its such a big hit amongst couriers and city riders!

This is the start of fixedGearBiking, your latest site dedicated to the fine art of fixie-riding. Welcome, we hope you enjoy your ride!