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Why fixed gear bikes make such great desktop wallpapers

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Fixed gear bikes or fixies are taking the biking world by storm. There are lots of people who are now using the fixed gear bike for its cheapness and convenience. In fact, you will have limitless opportunities in customizing your fixed gear bike. That is the reason why lots of people are going gaga over fixies.

 If you are a self confessed fixed gear bike fanatic, then aside from having the actual bike you should have other fixed gear bike items like shirt, pillowcase, and even desktop wallpapers!

 If you want to follow the latest trend, then you should be man enough in choosing the right desktop wallpaper that will fit you. If you open your computer, it is really cool for people to see great pictures of fixed gear bikes. You can even take pictures of your own fixie and set them as your desktop background. The colorful wheels and handlebars will make your day happy. I am sure your girlfriend will appreciate seeing a fixie wallpaper in your desktop than a sexy woman in a seductive outfit and pose. If you are into sports like cycling, then the fixed gear bike desktop wallpaper will remind you of your passion. You can look in the internet for some great pictures of fixed gear bikes that will suit your taste.

 If you are not a bike fan or you do not know how to ride a bike then the more reason that you should have a fixie desktop wallpaper. Every time you look at your desktop you will push yourself more to learn how to ride a bike.

The 5 best colours for fixed gear bikes

Friday, April 1st, 2011

To blue or not to blue, that is the question!

 If you are planning to buy a fixed gear bike, then one of the things that you should consider is the colour. You should find a perfect colour that is not only your favourite but at the same time will express your personality. So what are the 5 best colours for fixed gear bikes?

  1. Red. This is the colour of love. It also means fire. If you want to look hot, then you should definitely buy a flaming red single aluminum ring bolt to personalize your red fixed gear bike.
  2. Green. If you want a respect and balance, then green is your colour. Think green! If you are an advocate in saving the environment then you can do your campaign while riding a green fixed gear bike with green hub.
  3. Purple. If you are the type of person who wants to find spiritual fulfillment then a purple fixed gear bike is perfect for you. I am sure you will get more than just spiritual fulfillment but at the same time you will feel like a royalty. You can also add an elegant purple seat collar in your bike.
  4. Black. Black is beautiful. If you are a conservative person then a black fixed gear bike is for you. In fact, the colour black is very mysterious. You will surely attract lots of women!
  5. Blue. If you want a soothing and relaxing colour, then blue is perfect for you. You can have a blue bike with matching blue tires and blue grips.       

Fixie tandem – do you get tandem fixed gear bikes?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Everything is possible nowadays! People no longer settle for simpler things, they continue to search for ways to make life easier and convenient. Men and women do not settle for less, they are now more inclined to use their imagination to create out of the box ideas. So how about a tandem fixed gear bike? Do you think it is impossible?

 If you love fixed gear and you are a tandem fan, then here is your chance to try both in one cool bike. The fixie tandem will give not only you but your partner at the same time the chance to enjoy a great and unique biking experience. You may try this cool fixie tandem bike when you go to the countryside. Imagine the fun and exciting things that you can share together when you have a tandem fixed gear bike. You can even have a great father and son bonding with the fixie tandem. I am sure your little boys will be thrilled to try this ride.

 When you are a pro, maybe you can try creating a homemade fixie tandem. All you need is to make some adjustment by using two solo fixies. Of course it is always easier said than done! You will also consider other factors like the alignment and proportion. But if you are not sure that you have what it takes to create a tandem then you can always purchase the high quality ones. Although it may be a bit expensive, still you will surely enjoy the relaxing ride.